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ONCODE meaning of the ONCODE
3 in a SELECT/WHEN/OTHERWISE group, no WHEN clause satisfies the condition and no OTHERWISE clause is given
4 SIGNAL FINISH, STOP or EXIT statement executed
9 SIGNAL ERROR statement executed
10 SIGNAL NAME statement executed or NAME condition occurred
20 SIGNAL RECORD statement executed
21 Record variable smaller than record size
22 Record variable larger than record size
23 Record variable length is zero or is too short to contain the key
24 a record with a length of zero was read from a REGIONAL data set
40 SIGNAL TRANSMIT statement executed.
41 transmission error in output data set
42 transmission error in input data set
43 transmission error on output to VSAM index set
44 transmission error on input from VSAM index set
45 transmission error on output to VSAM sequence set
46 transmission error on input from VSAM sequence set
50 SIGNAL KEY statement executed
51 specified key can not be found
52 specified key already exists
53 key is out of sequence during creation of a INDEXED or REGIONAL data set
54 key conversion error
55 either the specified key is the null string or begins with X'FF' or a REWRITE was attempted but the embedded key has changed
56 key is outside of the data set limits
57 No space available to insert a record
58 key is outside of range
70 SIGNAL ENDFILE statement executed or ENDFILE condition occurred
80 SIGNAL UNDEFINEDFILE statement executed
81 conflicting attributes between DECLARE statement and OPEN statement
82 Conflict between file attributes and physical organization of data set
83 data set specification is incomplete
84 DD statement is missing in JCL
85 an I/O error occurred during initialization of DIRECT OUTPUT file
86 LINESIZE greater than maximum
87 conflicting attributes between DECLARE statement and JCL DD statement
88 conflicting attributes between DECLARE statement and JCL DD statement
89 password not specified or invalid
90 SIGNAL ENDPAGE statement executed or ENDPAGE condition occurred
91 ENV() option invalid for file accessing VSAM data set.
92 error while opening a VSAM data set
93 error while opening a data set (subcodes)
94 REUSE specified, but data set is not reusable
95 Alternate index specified for an empty VSAM data set.
96 Attempt to OPEN the MSGFILE(SYSPRINT) file after a subtask has been created
99 open failed for dataset (subcodes)
100 SIGNAL PENDING statement executed or PENDING condition occurred
150 SIGNAL STRINGSIZE statement executed or STRINGSIZE condition occurred
151 truncation occurred while assigning a mixed-character string
290 SIGNAL INVALIDOP statement executed or INVALIDOP condition occured
300 SIGNAL OVERFLOW statement executed or OVERFLOW condition occurred
310 SIGNAL FIXEDOVERFLOW statement executed or FIXEDOVERFLOW condition occurred
320 SIGNAL ZERODIVIDE statement executed or ZERODIVIDE condition occurred
330 SIGNAL UNDERFLOW statement executed or UNDERFLOW condition occurred
340 SIGNAL SIZE statement executed or SIZE condition occured
341 SIZE condition occured during I/O operation
350 SIGNAL STRINGRANGE statement executed or STRINGRANGE condition occurred
360 insufficient free storage for allocation of a based variable
361 insufficient space in target area for assignment of source area
362 SIGNAL AREA statement executed
400 SIGNAL ATTENTION statement executed or ATTENTION condition occurred
450 SIGNAL STORAGE statement executed
451 ALLOCATE failed, not enough storage available
500 SIGNAL CONDITION (name) statement executed
510 SIGNAL CHECK statement executed
520 SIGNAL SUBSCRIPTRANGE statement executed, or SUBSCRIPTRANGE condition occured
521 subscript of iSUB-defined variable lies outside bounds of corresponding dimension of base variable
600 SIGNAL CONVERSION statement executed
601-684 Invalid conversion attempted during input/output of a character string.
1002 GET or PUT STRING specifies data exceeding size of string
1003 output not allowed due to previously raised TRANSMIT or KEY condition
1004 PAGE, LINE or SKIP attempted for nonprint file.
1005 DISPLAY() REPLY () statement uses zero length expression
1007 REWRITE or a DELETE statement not preceded by a READ statement
1008 invalid data for a GET STRING DATA statement.
1009 I/O statement conflicts with the file attributes
1010 BUILTIN funcion or pseudovariable references a file, which is not open
1011 I/O error with no more information provided by OS
1012 READ SET or READ INTO statement not preceded by a REWRITE statement
1013 REWRITE or DELETE statement can not be executed as the preceding READ statement has not yet completed
1014 number of incomplete operations reaches maximum
1015 event variable for an input/output operation is already in use.
1016 file is not open due to an UNDEFINEDFILE condition
1018 EOF encountered in data before end of data-list or format-list
1019 attempt to close file not opened in current task
1020 I/O attempted before WAIT statement executed to ensure completion of previous READ
1021 record can not be accessed as it is locked by another file in this task
1022 unable to extend VSAM data set
1023 file closed but records still locked by a subtask
1024 sequence of I/O operations on device-associated file is incorrect
1025 Insufficient virtual storage available for VSAM to complete request
1026 no position established in VSAM data set
1027 Record or VSAM control interval already held in exclusive control
1028 volume not mounted
1029 repositioning failed in VSAM data set
1030 error occurred during index upgrade on a VSAM data set
1031 invalid sequential write attempted on VSAM data set
1040 no more space available for output data set
1041 record contains a record-delimiter
1042 record contains an invalid record-delimiter
1102 storage management failed to free storage as the adress of the storage to be freed was invalid
1104 internal error in a library
1105 "object window" couldn't be created
1500-2531 computational error while executing a builtin-function
2002 WAIT statement cannot be executed because of restricted system facility (checkout or optimizing compiler only)
2050 WAIT statement would cause a permanent wait
3000 edit directed I/O would lead to a loss of significant digits or sign
3001 value of W field in F format specification too small
3006 PIC description of target does not match source
3009 mixed-character string contains a shift-out but no shift-in
3010 mixed-character string contains invalid data
3011 MPSTR built-in function contains invalid character
3012 retry for graphic conversion error not allowed.
3013 graphic string is too long
3014 graphic or mixed string does not conform to the continuation rules
3015 X or GX constant has an invalid number of digits
3016 Improper use of graphic data in stream I/O
3017 Invalid graphic, mixed, or DBCS continuation when writing stream I/O to a file containing fixed-length records
3500 error during execution of a WAIT-statement
3501 error during execution of a DETACH-statement
3502 error during execution of an ATTACH-statement
3503 error during execution of a STOP-statement
3797 attempt to convert to or from graphic data
3798 ONCHAR or ONSOURCE pseudovariable used out of context
3799 ON-unit was entered due to a CONVERSION condition and the character that caused the condition is used but has not been corrected by use of the ONSOURCE or ONCHAR pseudovariables.
3800 length of data aggregate exceeds system limit
3801 Array structure element not mapped
3808 Aggregate cannot be mapped in COBOL or FORTRAN
3809 data aggregate exceeded the maximum length
3810 extent of an array exceeds maximum
3901 task variable is already used
3904 COMPLETION pseudovariable specifies an event variable that is already in use
3906 assignment to an event variable that is already active
3907 DISPLAY statement specifies an event variable that is already active
3909 insufficient main storage available to create subtask ( using CALL statement )
3910 maximum number of subtasks reached
3911 WAIT statement in ON-unit references an event variable already being waited for
3912 CALL with TASK option in block invoked while executing PUT FILE(SYSPRINT) statement
3913 CALL statement with TASK option specifies an unknown entry point
3914 FORTRAN or COBOL already invoked by an other task
3915 multitasking library not selected in the link-edit step
3920 An out-of-storage abend occurred
3951 OpenEdition callable service BPX1MPI failed
3952 OpenEdition callable service BPX1MP failed
3953 OpenEdition callable service BPX1PTB failed
4001 CONTROLLED variable not allocated during GET DATA
4002 CONTROLLED-Variable not allocated during PUT DATA
4003 CONTROLLED-Variable not allocated during PUT DATA with STRING-option
8091 operation exception ( machine instruction code is invalid )
8092 privileged operation exception ( a priviledged instruction cannot be executed in "problem program state" )
8093 EXECUTE exception ( an EXECUTE instruction must not target itself )
8094 protection exception ( address translation error or storage protected )
8095 addressing exception ( address lies outside the available virtual storage )
8096 specification exception
8097 data exception ( decimal packed value is invalid )
8098 not enough stack-storage ( result of a fixed-point operation is too large )
8099 fixed point divide exception ( result of a fixed-point division is too large - division by zero ? )
9002 GOTO statement references label in an inactive block
9003 label of the GOTO statement does not exist
9050 program terminated by an abend
9051 error occured in CICS ( adress of a parameter might be invalid )
9200 program check in SORT/MERGE program
9201 VM does not support SORT (if enterprise compiler: CMS does not support SORT)
9202 RECORD TYPE is missing in PLISRTx-call
9203 RECORD TYPE is invalid in PLISRTx-call
9204 specification of "LENGTH=" is missing in PLISRTB- or PLISRTD-call
9205 specification of "LENGTH=" is not numeric in PLISRTB- or PLISRTD-call
9206 E15 oder E35 routine returns an invalid return-code
9207 DFSORT failed ( check separate messages )
9208 PLISRTx invoked, but environment is not ADMVS
9249 routine cannot be RELEASEd
9250 procedure to be fetched cannot be found
9251 transmission error during fetch of a procedure
9252 FETCH/RELEASE not supported in VM (if enterprise compiler: FETCH/RELEASE not supported in CMS)
9253 debugging tool not available ( if enterprise compiler: PLITEST not available )
9254 a MAIN procedure from a PL/I routine can not be fetched under CICS
9255 attempt to release a load module containing a high-level language program, which is not PL/1
9257 attempt to fetch a subroutine using the PLICALLA entry point
9999 invocation of an Language Environment for MVS/VM service failed
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